Join The Losers’ Club – a celebration of ‘IT Chapter Two’

The sequel to 2017's 'IT' is out today, and taking over

You might have noticed that NME looks a little different today. Why is that? Well, today sees the release of IT Chapter 2, the much-anticipated sequel to 2017’s IT – now the highest grossing R-rated film of all time. Blimey, eh?

This is a big vibe, and so we thought we’d give the site a refit in tribute to The Losers Club, the gang of misfits who in this sequel reunite once more to take down Pennywise the Dancing Clown. After all, that’s what NME does isn’t it? What we’ve always done? Not take down an evil entity from outer space now hiding on earth in the form of a creepy, child-eating fairground clown (though there was that incident with Slipknot at Reading that one time…). No, what NME does is celebrate the misfits, the freaks, the oddballs, the weirdos. After all, that’s where the great music always comes from…


If you don’t know already, IT Chapter 2 picks up 27 years after the events of the first film concluded, with the now adult Losers returning to Derry to fight Pennywise, who has spent close to three decades playing Xbox (maybe) and is now ready to spill the blood of the innocents once more. There will be love. There will be loss. There will be laughter. And there will, in all honesty, be several moments where you will want to run out of the cinema screaming and call your mum. Make no mistake. It Chapter 2 is a very scary film. And a very good one too. The first film already irrevocably ruined balloons for us. What horrors will this one hold?

We’ve got a load of great Pennywise themed content on the site today. We hope you spend a bit of time with us checking it out. Just be careful as you do. Watch your step. Stick close to the other Losers and whatever you do, don’t listen the voices coming from the direction of the sewer.

After all, we all float down here…


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