NME Radio Roundup 4 October 2021: Parquet Courts, KYE, Limp Bizkit, IDLES, Nao & more

What better way to welcome a new month than with a slew of new music releases? At the end of September, Parquet Courts shared yet another preview of their upcoming album ‘Sympathy For Life’ with stellar new song, ‘Black Widow Spider’; but they aren’t the only band gearing up for new projects. Limp Bizkit prepare for their first album in a decade with ‘Dad Vibes’, while producer Mella Dee shares a preview of his upcoming EP with ‘Ethereal Chugger’, and all three of these tracks have been added to the NME Radio playlists.

Also newly added to NME Radio this week are ‘Nothing’s For Sure’ by Nao, the latest from Coach Party, and Princess Nokia’s cheeky collaboration with Yung Baby Tate.

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On the A List

Parquet Courts

‘Black Widow Spider’

Taken from their upcoming album ‘Sympathy For Life’, out later this month, ‘Black Widow Spider’ is described as an amalgamation of the rock bands guitarist/vocalist Andrew Savage wanted to channel on the track. “I told [producer] Rodaidh McDonald that I wanted to find a sound that was equal parts Can, Canned Heat and This Heat,” Savage revealed in a statement. “He was really into that and probably took some glee in having such a bizarre challenge.” The final result, though? A lot of rollicking, tongue-in-cheek fun.

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‘Tuesday’ ft. Jerome Farah

KYE’s breezy new single, ‘Tuesday’, is pure escapism. In a statement, the Melbourne-based singer-songwriter explained that the track “is about that person who leaves you a little lonely but you’re willing to wait however long it takes to win them over”. Over an ethereal neo-soul tune, KYE’s soothing vocals and Australian rapper Jerome Farrah’s laid-back, scene-setting verse makes you wish you were on a blissful field of flowers forever, away from the ever-looming chaos called life. – Qistina Bumidin

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Limp Bizkit

‘Dad Vibes’

For a hint of nostalgia, Limp Bizkit’s latest single ‘Dad Vibes’ will transport you back in time to the glorious era of ‘00s nu-metal. Originally introduced weeks ago as an outro for their Lollapalooza set, ‘Dad Vibes’ sticks true to the band’s sound. Over heavy guitar riffs and fuzzy electronics, frontman Fred Durst serves distinctly eccentric lyrics with a tight rap-singing delivery. Another treat for longtime fans who have been deprived of new Limp Bizkit music far too long: the track is due to appear on the veteran nu-metal act’s first album in 10 years. – QB

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On the B List


‘The Beachland Ballroom’

This first single off IDLES’ upcoming album, ‘Crawler’, strays away from the hardcore, post-punk leanings of the British quintet and into a woozy, emotionally-charged track. The song takes on a more melodic production through Talbot’s diverse vocal delivery over dynamic arrangements of sparse guitars, thunderous drums and soulful organ hums; an alluring introduction to this new era of IDLES. – QB

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‘Nothing’s For Sure’

British R&B singer Nao reminds us about the temporal nature of life on her feel-good track, ‘Nothing’s For Sure’. Lifted from her third album, ‘And Then Life Was Beautiful’, this upbeat number thumps along with its funky bassline and rhythmic drums. “Nothing’s for sure / Just let the moment take you on its wings / Nothing’s for sure / Just go with the flow, let your spirit run free,” Nao sings on the chorus. – QB

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Molly Payton

‘January Summers’

Molly Payton’s ‘January Summers’ could easily pass off as a killer song from the soundtrack of a quintessential coming-of-age film. The 20-year-old New Zealand native originally wrote the song, which appears on her new mini-album ‘Slack’, as a “joyous ode” to her firsts as a young teenager, but the track later took on a life of its own. “It ended up also being about how complicated everything becomes the older you get,” she explained. Payton’s vulnerable, candid lyricism paired with nostalgic surf rock guitar riffs and spacey percussion is a bittersweet reminder of our younger, carefree days. – QB

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Coach Party

‘FLAG (Feel Like A Girl)’

British indie-rock quartet Coach Party’s biting new banger, ‘FLAG (Feel Like A Girl)’ is the perfect way to live out your revenge fantasies vicariously and safely. “I’ve been up all night / I can barely sleep / Wanna hurt you bad / Just like how you hurt me”, vocalist/bassist Jess Eastwood howls over fuzzy guitars and slamming drums. – QB

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Taken from LA-based artist Shayhan’s dreamy alt-pop EP ‘Mr Fish’, ‘Goodbye’ sees Shayhan take the best of soul and funk to create a groovy indie bop. The elegant blend of his velvety vocals, striking lyricism and spellbinding instrumentals is a captivating journey into the unique musicality of this emerging musician. – QB

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On the C List

Princess Nokia

‘Boys Are From Mars’ ft. Yung Baby Tate

Princess Nokia has got some hard-hitting advice for all the women who had their (un)fair share of toxic masculinity in their relationships in her new anthemic track, ‘Boys Are From Mars’. With Yung Baby Tate joining her sister-in-arms, both rappers cheekily brandish braggadocio lyrics about the constant disappointments from men: “Sync with my heart, link with your pеnis / Can’t make me cum but you think you’re a genius.” – QB

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Let’s Eat Grandma

‘Hall Of Mirrors’

Let’s Eat Grandma have returned with a dreamy synth-driven single called ‘Hall Of Mirrors’. Rosa Walton, one half of the Norwich duo, explained that the song is “reflective and almost secretive, journeying through confusing and difficult emotions”, but simultaneously also “conveys clarity, confidence and ultimately joy”. The pairing of starry-eyed lyrics (“There wasn’t a girl that had make me shy / Until I talkеd to you / Somewhere in thе night with a spell in your eyes”), with hypnotic croons perfectly captures that heady feeling of having a newfound crush. – QB

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Wet Leg

‘Wet Dream’

If you can’t get enough of Wet Leg’s debut single, ‘Chaise Longue’, their sophomore release ‘Wet Dream’ is a worthy follow-up. Inspired by vocalist Rhian Teasdale’s ex’s post-breakup neediness, ‘Wet Dream’ takes on a more melodic, indie-rock route than its post-punk predecessor. Nevertheless, the British duo keep listeners no less than satisfied with their sardonic, filthy lyrics and infectious guitar licks all packed onto ‘Wet Dream’, topped off with their eccentric yet lovable personalities. – QB

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