‘Anthem’ director Jonathan Warner leaves BioWare

Warner had worked with BioWare for over a decade

‘Anthem NEXT’ has been cancelled, team moved to Dragon Age

Early in February it was rumoured that EA and BioWare would be holding a meeting to decide the fate of the reboot of ‘Anthem’, called ‘Anthem NEXT’, which a small team had been working on to try and make the multiplayer of that game something better than it was. And, well, the rumours were true and the meeting has happened, and ‘Anthem’ has been cancelled

Planned overhaul for ‘Anthem’ has been cancelled

It will remain playable, but there are no further content additions planned

Dear EA and BioWare, ‘Anthem’ deserves a second chance

BioWare’s maligned looter-shooter hangs in the balance – but should it get an overhaul or a new lease on life?

EA may be deciding the future of ‘Anthem Next’ very soon

Launching back in January 2019, ‘Anthem’ hit the discount bin pretty quickly, but if a report by Bloomberg is true, then it seems even ‘Anthem Next’ might be having its future decided very soon, too

EA to decide the fate of ill-received ‘Anthem’ this week

The project may receive a boost or get killed altogether

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BioWare confirms ‘Anthem’ overhaul will be a long process

The developing team is “going back to the drawing board”