Final Fantasy XIV

Modder plays ‘Final Fantasy 14’ with a book and pencil

SuperLouis64 uses a book and pencil to make his Scholar cast spells

‘Final Fantasy 14’ Moogle Treasure Trove returns with new rewards

The event will last until the release of patch 6.2

‘Final Fantasy 14’ data centre visitors will be called “Travellers”

Players will very soon be able to hop between global data centres

‘Final Fantasy 14’ Island Sanctuary and 6.18 details have been revealed

Players can expect new MSQ, a 'Stardew Valley'-like Island Sanctuary experience and a late August release

‘Final Fantasy 14’ adds a giant Shiba Inu mount

The Megashiba mount is now available for purchase

‘Final Fantasy 14’ patch 6.18 gets release date, new worlds confirmed

Players who transfer or create their character on a new world will receive a series of bonuses

‘Final Fantasy 14’ patch 6.2 details to be revealed early next month

The game is also offering a month-long free login campaign

‘Final Fantasy 14’ patch 6.15 adds an assortment of new quests

Quests for Tataru and Hildibrand have been added

Gathering and crafting: why taking a break in ‘Final Fantasy 14’ is a delight

Sometimes the best way to spend your free time in 'Final Fantasy 14' is to switch your brain off, pick flowers and craft some linen