Final Fantasy XIV

Release date announced for ‘Final Fantasy 14’ patch 6.4 The Dark Throne

The long-awaited patch has an official release date and trailer

Puma is launching a ‘Final Fantasy 14’ clothing line

Anyone for a 'Final Fantasy 14' bucket hat?

‘Final Fantasy 14’ suspends housing demolition due to Turkey-Syria earthquake

"It is our sincere hope that recovery is swift, and those of you who were affected will be able to rejoin us in Eorzea soon"

Popular ‘Final Fantasy 14’ mod Gshade deliberately includes malware

Developer Marot reportedly said it was included to teach other modders a “lesson”

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‘Final Fantasy 14’ reveals new quests and raids coming with patch 6.3

New quests, trials, raids and dungeons are set to be introduced early 2023

‘Final Fantasy 14’ patch 6.2 finally launches alongside Island Sanctuary

Players can finally set sail to their private paradise in 6.2

Not all games have to chase trends and satisfy everyone to be successful

Someone give Yoshida a cuddle from me and tell him it'll be okay, yeah?

‘Final Fantasy 14”s Naoki Yoshida wants to make another MMO from scratch

"I occasionally think that I would like to make one more MMORPG title, from scratch, before I die"

Modder plays ‘Final Fantasy 14’ with a book and pencil

SuperLouis64 uses a book and pencil to make his Scholar cast spells