‘Minecraft’ players “unionise” against “flawed” community mob vote

Players will vote for only one of these animals to be added to the game

‘Minecraft’ mod vulnerability leaves players’ PCs defenceless against hackers

"They can literally execute any code they want on a target system"

Major gaming subreddits join blackout to protest controversial Reddit change

Communities for 'Terraria', 'Escape From Tarkov', 'Minecraft' and more will participate in a two-day blackout

‘Minecraft’ Trails and Tales update launches on June 7

The major update will introduce the archeology mechanic

Football player Erling Haaland plays ‘Minecraft’ to relax

Initially, the footballer wouldn't reveal the game he plays, saying it was "too embarassing"

Classified U.S. documents on Ukraine war spread through ‘Minecraft’ Discord

The "massive intelligence breach" was shared during an argument about 'Minecraft' and the Russia-Ukraine war

‘Minecraft’ is getting “story-driven” ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ DLC

The downloadable content will introduce five classes from 'D&D'

Chloe Moriondo reveals their ‘Stardew Valley’ super-fandom in ‘Playback’

The singer is never far from their Nintendo Switch

Six game companies submit letters backing Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard

One respondent claimed sales on PlayStation are “growing stagnant” compared to Xbox

‘Minecraft’ is getting a cherry blossom biome in massive update 1.20

It’s the final feature to be revealed for the upcoming update