‘Escape From Tarkov’: every extraction point in Streets of Tarkov

Want to escape the streets? Here's how

The most important part of any Escape From Tarkov raid is where to extract. Whether you’re carrying quest items, the loot from a player you’ve killed or even a golden lion you’re hoping to flog on the flea market, if you can’t get the loot out, the raid is pointless.

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Streets of Tarkov, the game’s newest map, has a host of confusing extracts so to make it a little easier and give you a little hope of flogging off that precious loot, NME has visited every extraction to try and work out how you’re supposed to use them. A good rule of thumb is that if you can see black and yellow hazard tape, you’re ready to extract. However, because it’s Tarkov, this isn’t always true.


Streets of Tarkov map
Streets of Tarkov map. Credit: Jindouz.

For reference, we’ll be using this community-made map by Jindouz. This shows the location of all of the PMC extracts, and we’ll be referring to things by the orientation shown in the map, too. You can see that there are extracts on nearly every major road on the map, although not all of them will be available at all times.

So, here’s how to extract from Streets of Tarkov, starting clockwise from the left-most extraction.

Streets of Tarkov: Collapsed Crane extract

Escape From Tarkov Streets of Tarkov
Escape From Tarkov Streets of Tarkov collapsed crane extract. Credit: Battlestate Games.

Collapsed Crane is exactly as it appears – in the construction area there is debris from a collapsed crane. Scavs spawn here, so clear them out and then get yourself into the guts of the crane until the extraction timer pops up on screen.

You can’t miss this one, just look for the giant crane that’s resting against a building. Be especially careful of scavs up in the main construction building itself, as they’ll have a perfect shot to take you out while you’re waiting for that extract timer to tick down.

Streets of Tarkov: Scav Checkpoint extract


Escape From Tarkov Scav Checkpoint extract
Escape From Tarkov Scav Checkpoint extract. Credit: Battlestate Games.

This one is easy, head into the green zone, push north and you’ll see an actual checkpoint. Take a right – following that orange tape – and you should start extracting. Nothing to consider here, beyond how many player scavs and PMCs will be roaming that green area. Stay safe out there.

Streets of Tarkov: Underpass extract

Streets of Tarkov Underpass extract
Streets of Tarkov Underpass extract. Credit: Battlestate Games.

This is under Klimov street. On each side of the main road – Primorskij Ave – you’ll be able to see staircases leading down just like the one pictured, note the blue sign with steps leading downwards.

Head down here, take a right and you’ll be fine. Be warned that sometimes extract campers hide down here and be especially careful not to run past these entrances as you’ll get shot to death by the Klimov Street snipers and all your friends will laugh at you.

Streets of Tarkov: Klimov Street extract

Escape From Tarkov Klimov Street Extract
Escape From Tarkov Klimov Street extract. Credit: Battlestate Games.

Let’s start with the important bit. Don’t walk past the sign shown here without firing a green flare or you’ll be killed. The correct procedure to extract here is to stop before this sign, pull out your green flare and fire it skywards. Once it’s in the air, you can run forwards and you should start extracting when you pass the hedges ahead of you.

Lots about this extract still needs a little bit of experimentation. It’s not clear whether one flare is enough for an entire squad – or indeed any player on the map – or whether it’s one flare per person, but it’s been confirmed to work for a single person. Providing you get the timing right. Get it wrong and you’ll lose the STM you adored because you ran in the wrong direction.

You’ll need to get this right for the Cease Fire! quest.

Streets of Tarkov: Sewer River extract

Streets of Tarkov Sewer River extract
Streets of Tarkov Sewer River extract. Credit: Battlestate Games.

If you want to scurry into a hole in the ground like the Tarkov rat you are, Sewer River extract is the way to go. To extract here you need to head into the pictured hole in the ground and keep going till the extraction timer pops up.

Things to bear in mind: this is an incredible open extraction whichever way you come at it, with good sight lines for anyone with a half-decent optic to engage on you. Once you’re in the hole you’re fairly safe, but it can be a bit brown-trouser moving toward that opening.

Combined with the location at the corner of the busy industrial area, this is one of the worst extractions on the map.

Streets of Tarkov: Damaged House extract

Escape From Tarkov Damaged House extract
Escape From Tarkov Damaged House extract. Credit: Battlestate Games.

Nestled up next to the cinema, this destroyed house will give you a quick extract with very little fuss. If you look at the image above, you can see the semi-demolished house next to the construction vehicles. Nip up there, run into the enclosed hallway and your extraction timer will start ticking down.

Nothing big to worry about here, but scavs can and will fire down at you from the side of the cinema area, while a sniper scav located on top of the cinema itself could also ruin your day, but otherwise this is a chill way to get out if you’re lucky enough to spawn with it.

Streets of Tarkov: Courtyard extract

Escape From Tarkov courtyard flare extract
Escape From Tarkov courtyard flare extract. Credit: Battlestate Games.

Courtyard is an extraction that’s open to everyone, but to use the extract you will need to have a green flare active outside. The picture above is the alleyway next to the FCK chicken shop next to the cinema. If this flare is green, the extraction is open and you can head down this hallway to extract.

Head down the alleyway next to the flare and you’ll see an open door marked HELP. Walk down here and you’ll start your extract timer.

Escape From Tarkov Courtyard extraction door.
Escape From Tarkov Courtyard extraction door. Credit: Battlestate Games.

Streets of Tarkov: Primorsky Ave Taxi extract

Escape From Tarkov Primorsky Ave Taxi extract
Escape From Tarkov Primorsky Ave Taxi extract. Credit: Battlestate Games.

You’ll notice that this image doesn’t contain a car. That’s because Primorsky Ave Taxi is never bloody here.

If you do find it, you’ll need to dig in for 60 seconds with very little cover before extraction. Solo, this is tough as you’re next to some high-traffic areas. With a group you can control the space a little better, but remember to be back at the extract before the timer runs down or you’ll be left behind. Each player will need at least 5,000 rubles, but this cost could be higher or lower based on your Fence rep and charisma skill.

This quest is needed to successfully complete the Dangerous Road quest, which requires a successful extract via the Primorsky Ave Taxi spot.

Streets of Tarkov: Evacuation Zone extract

Escape From Tarkov Evacuation Zone extract
Escape From Tarkov Evacuation Zone extract. Credit: Battlestate Games.

Evacuation Zone is simple, walk up to orange and black tape and you’ll start extracting. You can see this from all the way down the road and there’s no cover, so consider a little bit of jiggling if you don’t want to get headshot.

For more help with Escape From Tarkov, check out our 6 top tips for making it out of the new map alive.

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