A mockumentary about ‘Amélie’ is in the works

Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet is behind the project

A mockumentary about the making of Amélie is currently in the works.

The 2001 French film, which starred Audrey Tautou as the titular character, was richly acclaimed upon its release and was nominated for five Academy Awards.

Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet is currently revisiting his beloved film for a new project. Devised in anticipation of the film’s 20th anniversary in 2021, Jeunet told IndieWire that he was inspired to make the mockumentary after watching Peter Jackson and Costa Botes’ 1995 film Forgotten Silver.


“I’m writing a fake documentary about the shooting of Amélie, like the Peter Jackson movie about the beginning of cinema [Forgotten Silver],” he said. “It’ll be just stupidity, something very funny, very cheap to make, I hope.”

A title has yet to be decided for the forthcoming Amélie mockumentary – a screenplay hasn’t been finished, either – but Jeunet said that he’s currently working with Guillaume Laurant, his writing partner on the original film, on ideas for the movie.

Asked in the same interview about why an Amélie TV series has never been made, Jeunet said that it was because it was “a bad idea”.

“It wouldn’t be the same actress, it would be cheap because it wouldn’t have the same budget, and in Paris now it’s so difficult to shoot because the are constructions sites everywhere, so Paris is ugly now,” he said.


“So no, I don’t want to make a sequel or even a series, I just want to make the fake documentary with every document declassified.”