Colin Farrell: ‘Giving up alcohol was the best decision I ever made’

Irish actor also proud of quitting 60-a-day cigarette habit

Irish actor Colin Farrell has credited his decision to give up alcohol and a 60-a-day cigarette habit as the “best decision” he has ever made.

In December 2005, Farrell voluntarily checked into a rehabilitation treatment center for addictions to recreational drugs and painkillers. He was released in January 2006.

In May 2006, the actor started attending rehabilitation meetings and has been teetotal ever since.

Yet The Daily Record reports that the 34-year-old insists his change in lifestyle hasn’t altered his relationship with his old friends.

Farrell said: “It doesn’t bother me watching mates getting drunk when we’re out. But it was the best decision I ever made in my whole life. Now I go home at 1am in instead of four – not that they would notice.”

Farrell also revealed that he is undergoing a gruelling training regime for the remake of Total Recall. As previously reported, he will play the lead role in the remade 1990 movie, which originally starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He said: “I’ve got this hairy Croatian boxing coach who tortures me every day because I need big muscles for a movie. He’s killing me with his drills.”