A remake of cult ’80s sci-fi movie ‘Alien Nation’ is in the works

Fans are speculating that Michael Shannon could be involved

A remake of 1988 sci-fi thriller Alien Nation is in the works.

Directed by Graham Baker, the original starred James Caan as a prejudiced Los Angeles cop who is forced to team up with an extra-terrestrial played by Mandy Patinkin after a spaceship carrying 300,000 members of an alien race crash-lands on Earth.

The original, which also starred Terence Stamp, was not a big hit at the box office upon release, but has since gone on to build a strong cult following.


Now Deadline reports that 20th Century Fox has set Jeff Nichols to direct a remake.

Casting has yet to be announced but fans are already speculating that Michael Shannon, a veteran of Nichols’ last four films (Loving, Midnight Special, Mud and Take Shelter), could be involved. News that Fox was working on an Alien Nation remake was first reported in March 2015, though at that stage Nichols was not involved.

Though the 1988 film never spawned a sequel, it did lead to a short-lived 1989 TV series, also called Alien Nation, and a series of five TV movies that premiered between 1994 and 1997. Numerous novel and comic book adaptations were also produced in the early ’90s.