‘Terminator’ reboot share first official image of Linda Hamilton returning as Sarah Connor

The actor will appear in the role for the first time since 1991's 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day'

The first official image of Linda Hamilton returning to the role of Sarah Connor in the new Terminator reboot has been revealed.

The actor last appeared as the character in 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

In the photo, Hamilton appears alongside Natalia Reyes and Mackenzie Davis. Reyes is reported to be the lead in the reboot, playing Dani Ramos – a young woman in Mexico City. Davis’ role is currently unconfirmed.

The new Terminator reboot will be directed by Deadpool‘s Tim Miller, while it will be produced by James Cameron and David Ellison. Arnold Schwarzenegger will return as The Terminator.

The movie is currently in production and will be released in cinemas on November 22, 2019. Cameron has previously confirmed it is intended as a direct sequel to Judgement Day.

The film was originally planned to be released in July 2019 but had to be pushed back after Schwarzenegger underwent heart surgery.

In March, the actor had a catheter valve successfully replaced. After he awoke from the operation, spokesperson Daniel Ketchell said Schwarzenegger’s first words were a play on his iconic Terminator line: “I’m back.”

In 2017, the actor became embroiled in a brief feud with Nickelback after he made fun of them on Twitter. “When Congress is less popular than herpes & Nickelback, how do 97% of them get re-elected?” he wrote.