Bitwave Games to bring Toaplan’s ‘Zero Wing’ and more to PC

Four classic shoot 'em ups are coming to PC this year

Bitwave Games has announced that it is bringing a number of shoot ‘em ups from classic Japanese developer Toaplan to PC.

The first PC release of these arcade games was announced today (August 18), with each also coming with a number of quality of life improvements alongside the basic ports themselves.

To start with, four Toaplan games will be coming to PC either in a bundle or as individual purchases, including: Truxton, Twin Cobra, Out Zone and Zero Wing.


Zero Wing is the most famous of the four, after the intro cutscene to the game was rediscovered, birthing the “all your base are belong to us” meme thanks to the games translation. It is supposed to say “all of your bases are now under our control” instead.

Each of the four games will come with new features as well, like the ability to rewind the game, achievements, online leaderboards, sidebar indicators, enhanced graphics and a brand new “Very Easy” mode.

Both Zero Wing and Out Zone currently have Steam pages too, with each also set to have a split screen co-op mode as well.

The collection of four initial games has no release date on PC as of yet, apart from a broad window of “2022,” more Toaplan games will come at a later date. With around 30 games under its belt between 1984 and 1994, there are a large number of Toaplan games that Bitwave could bring over to the PC.

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