England star Harry Kane is coming to Fortnite this weekend

The beautiful game meets the beautiful game

Harry Kane is set to become a purchasable Fortnite character this weekend, joining the brightly coloured battle royale game just as the Euros football tournament kicks off.

Kane, who is currently the England football team’s captain, will be joined by the captain of Germany’s national team, Marco Reus.

This is part of a push of UEFA Euro 2020 goodies coming to the Epic Games shooter, which will see players getting the opportunity to win additional rewards and prize money. Early adopters of the footballer could even see Kane’s special emote, titled the HurriKane.


Fortnite Marco Reus
Fortnite Credit: Epic Games

This isn’t the first time footballers have been added to Fortnite, either. Neymar Jr was added to the game last season, where he was also given the ability to shapeshift into a mecha-cat. The press release claims that Kane and Reus are joining the “Icon Series”, meaning they could soon be joined by other sports stars.

During the Epic Vs Apple court case, court documents suggested LeBron James would be added to the game during the NBA crossover event. While the event happened, James’ skin did not appear.

This is the bizarre pop-culture circle that has kept people playing Fortnite long before his addition to the game. Kane was famously quite a fan of the game, and suggested the reason he was able to keep cool under pressure at the World Cup was that he was playing lots of Fortnite with his England teammates.

Elsewhere, there have been reports that the next Call of Duty will be set in WWII, and won’t be at this years E3.


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