‘Hitman’ voice actors reveal their favourite kills in the series

Is that chandelier secure?

Voice actors from IO Interactive’s Hitman series have spoken about their favourite kills.

Hitman is known for many things but the numerous – often humorous – ways you can kill your target are one of the game’s undisputed highlights. The games offer players the opportunity to feed their target to a hippo or tamper with their parachute before a dive.

Speaking to EuroGamerDavid Bateson (who has been the voice of Agent 47 in each of the franchise’s eight main games) and Jane Perry (Diana) have shared their favourite way to give someone an untimely demise.


For self-confessed “sick puppy” Bateson, “any or all chandelier deaths or a statue falling on you (are his favourite). I just find that more amusing than shooting a sniper rifle from a distance. And the other one I like, which is so wrong, I like pushing people off balconies.”

Hitman Chandalier
Hitman 3. Credit: IO Interactive

“They do set up a character as being super powerful and super dangerous. And then of course, the comedy comes in the undignified aspect of their death and their demise,” added Perry.

She continued: “I must admit, when we get to those bits where there can be that wryness and humour, I absolutely adore it. I love it so much. I mean, it’s fun to play the seriousness of the mission briefings and that sort of thing. But [the humour is] like a little treat that pops up every now and then that you really just get to indulge in and enjoy. So I just adore that about Hitman“.

“I think that dark, delicious humour has matured and evolved like a good cheese or a good wine, without the writers wanting to belittle or turn it into some kind of a lightweight comedy, because it’s not. People are dying horrific deaths. But it’s nice to have that dark humour,” adds Bateson.

Both say they would love to continue with the characters, but Bateson knows that a certain 007 might get in the way with IO Interactive hard at work on a new Bond game.


“It would be fabulous to be able to continue our relationship in a future example of this game,” said Bateson before admitting that IO’s “main concentration” would be Bond.

That doesn’t mean work on Hitman 3 is over, the developers recently released their Year 2 roadmap, which featured a brand new prequel map set for release in July.


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