‘VRChat’ developer responds to anti-cheat backlash with accessibility roadmap

Easy Anti-Cheat is staying, but wider accessibility features are going to be added soon

The developer of VRChat has responded to the backlash caused by the addition of Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) to the game.

VRChat Inc has not agreed to revert the decision to remove EAC as fans were requesting, but it has released a blog post detailing some upcoming features that will be added to the game, which is aimed at addressing the community’s concerns that EAC will ban mods that make VRChat more accessible.

The developer is “reprioritising, reorganising, and changing our internal development roadmap to focus on the feedback you’ve given us,” and has placed a special priority on certain accessibility features and quality of life improvements that have been highlighted by the VRChat community.


Horizon Adjust is the first upcoming feature that was highlighted. It allows a user to change their settings to allow controller movement and menu usage while lying down rather than standing up. There will also be visual adjustment sliders added to accommodate colourblind players.

Elsewhere, the ability to change the microphone’s sensitivity is being added and the main menu is getting some changes, letting players move it around the screen. Personal mirrors, a movable mirrored avatar of your player character that can be adjusted and moved, are also in the pipeline.

The amount of avatars, worlds and friends the player can favourite is being upped. Additionally, controller haptics is being implemented – meaning controllers will activate haptics upon touching another character.

Finally, the team is toying with the idea of voices getting quieter as the player moves further away, but says VRChat‘s audio system may switch to Steam audio first.

A screenshot from VRChat


VRChat has been heavily review-bombed over the last week, after VRChat Inc announced that it would be adding EAC into the game to stop malicious modders. One of the primary concerns of the community was the removal of accessibility mods which EAC would prevent from working correctly.

Though the developer won’t be rolling back their decision to add EAC, it does note that all of the above changes are “close to shipping” and should arrive in the game soon.

In other news, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide has been delayed.

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