Hugh Jackman was supposed to be Jack Sparrow in ‘Pirates…’

Original 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' writer says Johnny Depp wasn't first choice

The writer of the first Pirates Of The Carribean film has said that Hugh Jackman was originally considered for the role of Captain Jack Sparrow instead of Johnny Depp.

According to writer Stuart Beattie, Disney didn’t think Jackman was a big enough star at the time of the 2003 film and so decided to go with Depp instead. He was later nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal.

He told Fox News: “I initially wrote that character with Hugh Jackman in mind.”

The writer also said he named the character Captain Jack in Jackman‘s honour.


Beattie did eventually get to work with the Australian actor, however, writing Jackman and Nicole Kidman‘s 2008 epic Australia.