Jonathan Ross’ comic to be adapted for the big screen?

TV host speaks about movie rumours

Jonathan Ross has hinted that a movie adaptation of his comic book Turf might be in the works – with Kick-Ass‘s Matthew Vaughn as director.

Matthew loves Turf and has said he wants to make it into a film,” Ross told Newsarama.

“We both love his work as a director so would be delighted,” he added. “But at the moment he is committed 100 percent to X-Men: First Class, which won’t be finished for at least a year, so we have not taken it further with him or his company yet. We are going to give him first refusal before we offer it elsewhere.”

An adaptation would not be the first collaboration between Vaughn and the Ross family, as the chatshow host’s wife Jane Goldman was the screenwriter for Kick-Ass.

Turf is set in Prohibition-era New York and depicts a gang war between mobsters, vampires and aliens.