‘Kingsman 3’ and a prequel could be shot back-to-back in early 2019

A TV series may also be on the horizon

The final installment of Kingsman may be filmed in January – and with it a prequel.

According to movieweb.com, director/producer Matthew Vaughn wants to shoot Kingsman 3 back-to-back with a prequel called The Great Game.

The end to the current trilogy will plant some seeds that will be explored in the prequel.


Vaughn also revealed to That Hash Tag Show his plans for Kingsman: The Great Game, a spin-off centered on the Statesman, who were introduced in last year’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The Statesmen are the American counterparts to the British Kingsman. 

The expansion of the franchise comes off the back of commercial success. So far the films have grossed a total of more than $823 million worldwide, for Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

That Hash Tag Show adds that Vaughn has been working with Jane Goldman on the scripting, which will wrap up the storyline between Eggsy (Taron Eggerton) and Harry (Colin Firth).

In addition, a couple of new characters will join the fold including a teenager named Conrad, who is described as the cocky and charming son of a British Duke.

That Hash Tag Show also exclusively revealed that an older lead male role is up for grabs. British actor Ralph Fiennes is near or at the top of the studio’s list.


Vaughn also spoke about an 8-hour television series based on Kingsman.

Listen to the interview below:


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