Adam Ant challenges Liam Gallagher to a fight

But pop legend shows love for Lady Gaga and Lily Allen

Singer Adam Ant has laid into Liam Gallagher – challenging the ex-Oasis man to a fight and writing a song which attacks both Gallagher brothers.

The pop icon, who is currently working on new material, admitted to that he’d still like to take on Liam, even thought he’s probably got a “very big bodyguard”.

He said: “I’d like to have a fight with him whichever way he wants: physically, mentally I’d beat him in any way, shape or form, I know that.” He didn’t elaborate on why he was interested in a scrap with the frontman.


Speaking about Oasis, Ant – real name Stuart Goddard – added that “they’ve [only] got one fucking song”, referring to ‘Wonderwall’.

Ant is currently working on a new album, the working title of which is ‘Adam Ant Is The Blueblack Hussar In Marrying The Gunner’s Daughter’. He has also recorded a single, ‘Gun In Your Pocket’, the lyrics of which further attack the Gallagher brothers as well as Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand.

The B-side to the track is called ‘Who’s A Goofy Bunny Then?’ and is a tribute to Malcolm McLaren, whose funeral he attended last week (April 22).

Ant wasn’t wholly negative in the interview though, taking the time to praise fellow theatrical musician Lady Gaga as well as Lily Allen.

“I understand Gaga because she’s intelligent, good media worker, very good songwriter – almost kind of classical,” he said. “She interests me. But Lily Allen is the best fucking lyricist in the last decade. That ‘Oh and I lie here in the wet patch/in the middle of the bed…‘ I mean, I wish I’d fucking written that.”

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