Adele five songs into new album

Singer also says 'no more acting', apart from 'Sex And The City'

Adele has revealed how work on her second album is going, explaining that she has written five tracks for the follow up to 2008’s ’19’.

The Brit singer spoke at Glamour magazine’s Woman Of The Year ceremony in London, saying that, so far, the new songs were mostly about boys.

“I’ve still got the same problems…” she said. “They get worse because I’m away all the time. It gets a bit harder.”

Adele revealed that she doesn’t always have to write songs about love and relationships, however.

“The littlest things I can write about, it doesn’t have to be some drama,” she said. “The littlest things about not putting a cup in the dishwasher. I can write a song about that as well.”

Adele was asked if she would like to pursue a career on the screen after an appearance on US show ‘Ugly Betty’, reports BBC News.

“Only if ‘Sex And The City’ ask,” she replied. “That’s it. Never anything else.”