Two Beck collaborations on '10,000 Hz Legend'...

AIR’s new album is called ‘10,000 Hz LEGEND’ and will be released in spring, NME.COM can reveal

The French duo of Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Nicolas Godin have just completed the follow-up to ‘Moon Safari’. The album will feature collaborations with Beck, who recorded two songs with the outfit last year, and who previously remixed ‘Sexy Boy’ from ‘Moon Safari’.

Also on the album are collaborations with Buffalo Daughter and American singer-songwriter Jason Falkner.

Brian Reitzell, formerly of the cult LA band Redd Kross, who worked on the Air-composed score for ‘The Virgin Suicides’, once again resumes percussion duties for the outfit.

Meanwhile, Air are up for a Brit Award for Best Soundtrack for ‘The Virgin Suicides’.