'10,000 Hz Legend' comes out in May...

AIR have confirmed the tracklisting for their new album, ‘10,000 HZ LEGEND’, released in the UK on May 28.

As previously revealed on NME.COM, Beck provides vocals on one song, ‘The Vagabond’.

The confirmed tracklisting runs: ‘Electronic Performers’

‘How Does It Make You Feel’

‘Radio #1’

‘The Vagabond’


‘Lucky & Unhappy’

‘Sex Born Poison’

‘People In The City’

‘Wonder Milky Bitch’

‘Don’t Be Light’

‘Caramel Prisoner’

According to the All Star news service on [url=]www.cdnow.com, the French dance duo are currently planning a US tour later in the spring, although no UK dates have been confirmed.

The first single from the album in the UK will be ‘Radio #1’, released on May 7 via Virgin.