Ash tell all about new album

They give in an insight into how things are shaping up

Ash bassist Mark Hamilton has spoken exclusively to NME.COM about the details of their forthcoming album, due for release next year.

Recorded in the band’s Manhattan studio, the have recorded 14 tracks, with plans to record “a few more” in full, before choosing the final tracklisting for the album.

With elements of Bob Dylan, Beck and even Motown influences, they revealed that several of the songs even hark back to the days of 1996 debut album ‘1977’.

Hamilton likened potential album opener ‘Girl Who Can’t Be Owned’ to “a Foo Fighters track, with a Dylan-esque melody” while ‘Suicide Girls’ is “more in the vein of earlier classic Ash. Nathan (Connolly) from Snow Patrol loved it when he heard it”.

He described ‘Shadows’ as “a slower number with a bit of a retro-vibe. The bass line is a bit of Motown in the verses and it’s got pretty heavy lyrics about the effects of breaking up”.

And ‘Polaris’ was written at a very famous band’s villa. “Tim (Wheeler, frontman) wrote the main hook line on a piano at U2‘s villa in the south of France. The original dictaphone recording is also used in the intro of the track. There’s an underlining U2 vibe to the overall song”.

Hamilton added: “There’s quite a mash of styles, instruments and samples on ‘End of the World’ which gives it a Flaming Lips or Beck feel”, and he described their recently live debuted ‘What is the Meaning?’ as “a pretty straight-up fast punk rock track with personal and dramatic vocals. Tim sings in a state of confusion asking for answers to what is going on in his life, it’s kind of autobiographical”.

According to Hamilton, “Rhe tracks are still developing in the studio and all of these songs will not make the album.”

Recorded so far are:

‘Girl Who Can’t Be Owned’

‘Suicide Girls’



‘Princess Six’


‘Dark and Stormy’

‘You Can’t Have It All’

‘End of the World’


‘Shattered Glass’


‘What is the Meaning?’

‘In Hell’

The album, the follow-up to 2004’s ‘Meltdown’, is set for release in 2007.

–Filed in New York.

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