Rick McMurray admits he went against doctor's orders because the bash is "the highlight of the summer"...

ASH drummer RICK McMURRAY has spoken to NME.COM about his decision to at the CARLING WEEKEND against doctor’s orders.

As previously reported, the Irish group’s performances at Reading and Leeds last weekend were almost pulled because of a bus crash in America, which resulted in McMurray cracking ribs. He was told by doctors he shouldn’t play for more than ten minutes unless he was willing to risk injury, but still managed to perform.

In his first interview since the crash, McMurray told NME.COM that even the day before the Reading gig, he didn’t think he would be fit enough.

“It came down to a real last minute thing,” he said. “We did a bit of rehearsal (the day before) but only managed about three or four songs. And I thought that if I didn’t get a lot better then we’d be in trouble. But fortunately it was.”

He said that during the actual performance “adrenaline numbed the pain”, but once the set was completed he felt a surge of agony. He added: “We just really didn’t want to cancel. Reading festival is the highlight of the summer. It’s what we came home for.”