Athlete are back in the studio

The band have gone all electro on us

Athlete are working on five new tracks for their third album.

The London band have been busy in the studio putting together new songs including ‘Die To Live’, ‘Flying Over Bus Stops’, ‘Icelandic’, ‘It’s OK Alright’ and ‘Delay Wurley’.

In a posting on their official website, drummer Steve Roberts hints at a change in direction in their sound, with a number of tracks adopting an electro edge.

Of the new song ‘Flying Over Bus Stops’ he writes: “So far this song is quite electronic sounding. It began as a simple acoustic song with a pluck guitar part then has gradually become something quite different. I imagine we will settle somewhere in between.”

He also describes ‘Its OK Alright’ as “really upbeat with an 808 drum machine/syth melt down chorus”.

The band have been working on their as-yet-untitled record for the last six weeks. A release date for the LP is yet to be set.