Beartooth unveil reworked version of ‘Afterall’ from new ‘The Blackbird Session’ EP


Beartooth have dropped a reworked version of ‘Afterall’ – the second track to be taken from their forthcoming Blackbird Session EP. Watch it exclusively on

Following on from ‘Clever’, the new track is the second offering from the EP – which sees the band delivering acoustic takes on tracks from ‘Disease’, their third album which arrived in September 2018.

Presented in video format, the new EP is named after the Blackbird Studios in Nashville, where the band set up shop to record the new offering.


“When the idea came up to do acoustic sessions, immediately my mind went to family holidays. Constantly surrounded by singing old hymns and harmonies on harmonies. The idea of taking Beartooth in a direction of my first musical moments in life felt right,” said frontman Caleb Shomo.

“The songs came out better than I could have ever imagined. A massive, MASSIVE part of that was Blackbird. The love I have for that place goes beyond any studio in existence. The rooms are the best in the world, the gear is the best in the world, the consoles… etc. All of this would be enough to make it feel like home, but the icing on the cake is the people who work there. Every time I walk in, it’s nothing but good vibes and hard workers.”

He added: “We had the honour of the studio owner and mastermind John McBride (look him up — it’s insane) requesting to engineer our session. This led to an environment that was amazing and free. No limits, no worries, just playing and singing. He handled the rest. Being able to mix tracks engineered by such a legend/tracked on his home turf was an honour.

“This is 100% live. No metronome, minimal rehearsal, just a bunch of musicians who love what they do getting in a room and going for it. If you want to see and hear Beartooth stripped down to one of its rawest and most emotional forms, please enjoy.”



Recorded in one full day, Beartooth also reimagined four, full-band acoustic live recordings of other songs such as ‘Disease’, ‘You Never Know’ and ‘Clever’. The new takes re arranged and enhanced with lap steel, violins, and female vocals.

The Blackbird Session EP is set for release on September 13 on Red Bull Records.