Brian Fallon debuts ‘Forget Me Not’ video and teases second solo album inspired by The Clash

Here's Brian.....

Brian Fallon has debuted the music video for new single ‘Forget Me Not’, the first to be taken from his forthcoming second solo album ‘Sleepwalkers’. Check it out exclusively below.

Despite being a guitar-driven anthem, the track sees the former Gaslight Anthem frontman unloading some of his darkest lyrics to date as he contemplates his own mortality and explores the concept of love after death.


But as he explained exclusively to, the dark direction wasn’t a conscious decision, instead emerging by itself as he began writing for the record.

“I guess it was just something I was going through in my life, but you can’t really plan those things when you’re going to write”, he explained.

“You can’t but you try. You just start putting the pen down and for me, a lot of the times it’s like music is there and then I’ll just kind of start. All of a sudden a line will come out or an idea will emerge and then I’ll realise, ‘yeah, that’s good.’

“That’s something you can’t control it so you don’t know what it’s going to be or if it’ll be good.

“It just kind of came out happy, the music was really happy but then all of a sudden these heavy words came out and I was like I guess that’s just the way its going to be.”

With ‘Sleepwalkers’ set for release in February next year, he also teased how the upcoming record has been inspired by The Clash and specifically tailored to bring an edge to his high-energy live shows.


“I knew with this record that I just wanted to kind of concentrate more on the live show because I did a lot with the last record, and that was kind of acoustic.  I was like ‘OK,  I’ve done the acoustic thing and now I want to get something a little more up so the
live shows will be more fun for me, more fun for everybody and I just wanted to put something more energetic together”, he said.

“That’s kind of where the real direction came and then I started looking more into punk rock and the soul music I was listening to and especially bands  like The Jam, The Clash and all that stuff. So I started writing to get in and take on my style and mixing the elements in.”