Three Appeal Court judges uphold a decision made two years ago blocking unauthorised use of The Boss' music...

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN is celebrating today (April 10), having notched up another significant legal victory when three Appeal Court judges upheld a decision made two years ago blocking unauthorised use of his music.

Masquerade Music had challenged an injunction imposed by the High Court in December 1998 banning them from releasing two early albums, ‘Unearthed’ and ‘Unearthed II’. However Lords Justice Waller, Laws and Parker dismissed the appeal, saying they could see nothing wrong with the High Court decision.

“I find myself unable to discern any ground on which the judge’s finding of fact can be challenged in this court,” said Lord Justice Parker. “The judge reviewed the evidence with scrupulous care and in my judgement his findings cannot be faulted.”


Masquerade had claimed that the original decision had been based on inadmissible evidence.

Springsteen was not in court to hear the outcome though he will undoubtedly welcome it.

After the 1998 case, he had explained how happy he was the decision had gone his way.

“I came here to defend ownership of my music,” he said. “It is something I have fought for since I began working and I am really satisfied with the result today.

“The music you release is the way you shape your career and I have always believed you have to do all you can to protect your work. It’s an artistic question.

“I would not want to have to go through another action like this, but if it was necessary then I would not pull back.”


Leave to appeal the decision to the House Of Lords was blocked today, though it is still open for Masquerade to make one final appeal directly to the Law Lords.