Bruce Springsteen talks deaths of Prince and David Bowie

Singer says he felt 'kinship' with Prince

Bruce Springsteen has spoken about the impact felt by the deaths of David Bowie and Prince, saying that he felt a “great kinship” with the latter musician.

Currently promoting his new memoir Born To Run and companion album ‘Chapter And Verse’, Springsteen spoke to Rolling Stone when he was asked about Prince and Bowie, who both passed away this year.

“It was a terrible shame. It was a great loss and a tragedy,” Springsteen said, adding: “I felt a great kinship with Prince.”


“When I’d go to see [Prince], I’d say, ‘Oh, man, OK, back to the drawing board.’ There was a film of him on the Arsenio Hall show, where he plays a series of songs in a row. It’s just some of the greatest showmanship I’ve ever seen. And he knew everything. He knew all about it, and then could put it to work. Just since the Sixties and Seventies and your Sam and Daves and your James Browns, he’s one of the greatest showmen to come along. I studied that stuff a lot and put as much of it to use as I can with my talents. But he just took it to another level.”


“I couldn’t believe it when I heard [about Prince’s] death,” he continued. “Any death gives you renewed sight. It’s a part of what the dead pass on to us. A chance to look at our lives and look at the world again. It’s just a powerful experience.”

Springsteen also recently shared his love for Green Day, hailing them as “thoughtful and intense”.

“Green Day, they make great records and they’re always thoughtful and intense and they have a band that plays great together,” he said in a Facebook Q&A. “My old friends from U2 are still doing just fine. They consistently sound great and are creative. I have an iPod full of things that can’t come to mind right now.”

When pushed on other genres he likes, Springsteen added: “I like Kendrick Lamar a lot. He’s intense. He’s a great rapper, very intense. I like Kanye West, I think Kanye West makes great records. I love his records. Those are just very, very creative, amazing records.”