Catherine Anne Davies and Bernard Butler announce collaborative album ‘In Memory Of My Feelings’

Check out its first single 'The Breakdown'

Catherine Anne Davies and Bernard Butler have announced a collaborative new album ‘In Memory Of My Feelings’ – listen to the first single ‘The Breakdown’ below.

The record is due to arrive on September 18 via Needle Mythology, marking the first new album to be released through the reissue label.

Davies – sometimes known as The Anchoress – and Butler penned and recorded the album over the course of 15 days, though a period of four years passed between starting the project and arriving at the finished product.


“We were booked in for five days or something, and by the end of the final day, we knew that if the brief was to write hit singles, we’d sort of wandered off in a different direction,” explained Davies.

Having revisited the material in 2014, Butler said that he “got used to the idea that the record might never emerge”, adding: “I always had the same thought, ‘I wish I could go to a record shop and buy this’.”

Davis said that ‘In Memory Of My Feelings’ is “akin to a painting you might find in an antique shop – not an expensive painting, but perhaps an heirloom just waiting for the right person to come and claim it.”

The LP contains a cover of Madonna‘s 1986 track ‘Live To Tell’ as well as the songs ‘Sabotage (Looks So Easy)’, ‘Ten Good Reasons’, ‘FOH’ and ‘No More Tears To Cry’.


You can pre-order the album here and see its full tracklist below.

  1. The Breakdown
  2. Ten Good Reasons
  3. Sabotage (Looks So Easy)
  4. In Memory Of My Feelings
  5. I Know
  6. Judas
  7. No More Tears To Cry
  8. The Waiting Game
  9. The Patron Saint Of The Lost Cause
  10. FOH
  11. Live To Tell
  12. The Patron Saint Of The Lost Cause (Harmonium Version)

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