Coldplay’s Chris Martin calls Blur ‘incredible’

Martin also says he'll be watching the band's Hyde Park gig

Chris Martin has told NME Radio he is planning to watch Blur‘s reunion gig at London‘s Hyde Park next July.

Speaking to NME Radio‘s Neil Cole yesterday (December 10), Martin reminisced about the first time he saw Blur live, when the band supported R.E.M in 1995.

He said: “I saw them play before R.E.M in 1995 and it was incredible. It was so incredible, in fact, that there was steam coming from the moshpit and I’d never seen that before. And I thought: ‘God, not only do they play great music but they let people barbecue!'”


Martin said he was “sure” to attend Blur‘s Hyde Park gig, which takes place on July 3 next year.

Despite his enthusiasm for Blur, Martin refused to choose between them and their Britpop rivals Oasis.

He cautiously explained: “In the whole Blur versus Oasis battle I was very much…in the middle.”