So eventually we'll see just what happened during the making of 'X&Y'...

COLDPLAY have enough documentary footage to make their own ‘LET IT BE’ style movie of the making of ‘X&Y’, NME.COM can reveal.

The band have documented the entire recording process of making of their album, but singer Chris Martin joked that there would only be enough for a “five-minute DVD”.

He said: “We’ve been documenting stuff from the beginning, but we just don’t release it at all. There’s a vault in London with 500 hours of us in the studio. One day we’ll be able to whittle it down to a five-minute DVD. We could make our own ‘Let It Be’.

”In fact, it was really depressing. I was watching an episode of The Beatles’ ‘Anthology’ where George says to Paul ‘I’ll play whatever you want to play, or I won’t play anything at all if it’ll make you happy’. And I remember that right at the beginning of the album Guy said exactly the same thing to me. I remember thinking ‘This album’s going wrong!’. This was before we started again.”

‘X&Y’ is released on June 6.