Chris Martin gets Steven Spielberg to phone British radio show…

COLDPLAY’s CHRIS MARTIN roped in STEVEN SPIELBERG to help him win a British radio phone-in today.

The singer appeared on XFM’s breakfast show (May 3) as part of a contest called ’Bounty Hunter’, which requires contestants to get a celebrity to call into the show.

Calling from Los Angeles, Martin used his Hollywood connections (Spielberg is Martin’s wife Gwyneth Paltrow’s godfather) to get the ’ET’ director to speak to the show’s presenter Christian O’Connell.

“This man is big time,” Martin told the station. “He’s as big time as it gets. I can’t believe I’m sitting with him to be honest. The director of some the best films of all time. It’s crazy. It’s none other than your main man Steven Spielberg… It’s crazy. Life’s funny sometimes, man.”

Spielberg then spoke briefly to explain he’s currently finishing new film ‘War Of The Worlds’, plus revealed he’d seen the forthcoming ‘Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith’ at a private screening last week and described it as the “best of the three new films”.

The director also joked with Martin about making a film about his band.

“Coldplay the movie? He needs it,” joked Martin, adding that he’d asked Spielberg about a film role. “I asked him about ‘Indiana Jones 4’, but perhaps he’ll let me be an android in ‘War Of The Worlds 2’.”