Frontman Chris Martin admits the band felt the pressures of stardom - but now he just enjoys it...

COLDPLAY singer CHRIS MARTIN has spoken exclusively to NME.COM about the band’s success in the US and the pressure of constant touring.

The band’s set at the recent T In The Park festival in Scotland showed them to be re-energised and featured a handful of new, heavier songs including ‘Idiot’ and ‘God Put A Smile Upon Your Face’.

Coldplay are currently enjoying success in the US and the heavier material NME.COM has heard suggests they can make further inroads.

Despite their success, reports from the US suggested they were starting to crack under the pressure.

“Yeah, it was getting to us,” Martin told NME.COM. “Three months ago I was worried we wouldn’t be to continue doing anything, I couldn’t sing. In March I lost my voice completely, we didn’t really have any new songs in the set and we were getting the big backlash. It was pretty trendy to slag us off. But then I had a break, I had some singing lessons and there were all these new songs to get on with. Then I started getting dressed for gigs, just the whole ‘Rambo’ thing of getting prepared and not caring about people who aren’t into it. I was bored of not enjoying it. Now I love it.”

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