Frontman and self-confessed "tosser" Chris Martin can't wait to get back in the studio...

COLDPLAY frontman CHRIS MARTIN has revealed that he has written ten new songs for inclusion on the band’s second album.

He has also revealed that the band are due to start work on the album in May. Speaking to Radio 1’s Danny O’Connor, he said they’ll be joined in the studio once again by co-producer Ken Nelson, who worked with them on ‘Parachutes’.

The revelations come as part of a special Radio 1 documentary which airs on ‘Lamacq Live’ tonight (February 19) at 11pm. The new songs include: ‘A Ghost’, ‘Your Guess Is As Good as Mine’, ‘Deserter’, ‘Fingers Crossed’ and ‘Amsterdam’.

Martin also said he’s now firmly focused on getting back into the studio. He added: “I’m a tosser away from music, but in music I’m getting better and better. We’re all getting better so I’m really excited about the next record.”

Other tunes which may surface on the album include: ‘Murder’, ‘This Hollow Frame’, ‘In My Place’ and two songs which have already become live favourites – ‘In Isolation’ and ‘Animals’.

The band are due to wrap up their current tour with shows tonight in Chicago and tomorrow (February 20) in Toronto – however, it is unknown at press time if the cold that forced Martin to pull the plug on their New York show after two songs on Friday (February 16) and the cancellation of their Boston gig the next night (February 17) would stop Chicago going ahead.

Coldplay return to the US in April for further live dates, and an appearance on David Letterman’s prime-time television show.