Craig David on Drake collaboration: ‘it would be natural for us to do something’ – watch

Garage MC will team up with Toronto rapper 'when the time is right'

Craig David has discussed plans to work on a mixtape with Drake, saying that he knows “it would be fire” and that it will come “when the time is right”.

Last December, the garage MC revealed that he had met the Toronto rapper in Miami and that the pair shared the mutual love of each other’s work.

Speaking to NME at last night’s Brit Awards, David said: “When I met him in Miami, at that point I was already saying ‘Listen, it would be natural for us to do something’. There’s so many similarities in the style and the things we do.”


The comeback star continued: “He recognised [David’s debut album] ‘Born To Do It’ as a record that was pivotal in his career and I was recognising all his mixtapes that he was doing. Drake and myself, a mix tape, I know that it would be fire. I know that fans would be like “Ooh, you did those melodies and those kind of rides”. He knows. When the time is right, it will come.”,AAAAABumiUU~,CmZu1qzq0Nydx8DqfQUoDJv2_kpwyWWq&bctid=4773383549001

Discussing future plans, Craig David added: “I have another song with [dance duo] Blonde that’s about to drop. I’ve been working with Chase & Status – I think that song is going to catch people off guard. It’s one of those ones that in a club is going to go off.”

“I’ve been working with a lot of upcoming songwriters and producers. I want to make an album that feels like when I made my first album [2000’s ‘Born To Do It’] because it wasn’t about making this one isolated record, it was just songs that felt good. I’m back to that again and I hope that the fans that have grown up with my music enjoy it. I’m [also] seeing 15 year old new fans who are like ‘Ah, this ‘When The Bassline Drops’, what’s this garage thing?’ It’s sick.”

Quizzed on his wish list of collaborators, David replied: “I’m already working with them,” citing Katy B and Major Lazer as recent team-ups that “just felt natural”.


Katy B recently spoke to NME at the NME Awards 2016 with Austin, Texas and revealed that Craig David’s house is “full of Ferrero Rocher and champagne”.

The London singer added of David: “He is actually the kindest, most loveliest, most wonderful, genuine person and he’s so talented as well. We’ve written a few tunes together and seeing him in the studio, he’s so dedicated. His voice is like butter. He’s just the best.”

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