Creed save Norwegian boy from a pack of wolves

Walter Eikrem says band's 'Overcome' scared them off

Creed‘s music has seemingly saved a 13 year-old boy from a pack of wolves.

According to a news report yesterday (January 20) on Norwegian TV channel TV 2, Walter Eikrem, who lives in the Norwegian town of Rakkestad, was walking home from school when he encountered four wolves on the path ahead of him.

Eikrem was listening to Creed‘s Overcome through his mobile phone and decided he’d try and utilise the band’s music to scare the wolves away. He reportedly removed his headphones and turned the volume up to maximum, at which point the wolves turned and walked away.

Eikrem said that when the wolves heard Creed they “didn’t really get scared, they just turned around and simply trotted away”.

Wolves are fairly common in the Norwegian countryside and do not generally seek to attack humans, but incidents have occurred in the past. Citizens have been advised not to run away from the animals if they come into contact with them, with Eikrem saying: “The worst thing you can do is run away because doing so just invites the wolves to chase you down.”