A judge dismisses the allegation that singer Scott Stapp was too intoxicated to give a proper performance...

A judge in CHICAGO has thrown out a $2million lawsuit lawsuit brought against Christian rockers [url=]CREED by their own fans who felt a recent live performance wasn’t up to scratch.

The suit had claimed that frontman Scott Stapp was too wasted to give a proper performance at a show at the Allstate Arena in Chicago last December. Four fans issued the action on behalf of the entire audience seeking refunds and damages. During the show, Stapp reportedly forgot the words to songs and continually fell over. So many fans complained that Creed shows.”

[url=]Creed’s lawyer Rob McNeely said simply that the band were pleased with the decision. The judge’s dismissal was ‘with prejudice’, which means the four fans who filed the suit can amend the complaint.

Philip Berenz, one of the fans in question, insisted that the case is “by no means” over. Reports suggest that their amended complaint will allege that [url=]Creed had touted a ‘family-friendly and high quality’ image, and failed to deliver it at the show last December.