Creed singer Scott Stapp left ‘penniless’, living in budget hotel room following ‘tax error’ – watch

Singer opened up about the financial issues he is facing in a video posted on Facebook

Creed frontman Scott Stapp has claimed that he is “completely penniless” and living in a budget hotel. See below to watch the video in full.

The lead singer, estimated to have had a wealth of £19 million at the height of the US metal band’s success, opened up about the issues he is facing in his life in a 15-minute long Facebook video posted yesterday (November 26) and stated that his “civil rights have been violated”.

Stapp claims that he was plunged into financial difficulty following a recent audit of his record company in which a number of irregularities were discovered. “A lot of money was stolen from me, or royalties not paid,” he says in the video.

Picking the story up from there, Stapp explained: “That’s when all hell began to break loose.” He claims that the IRS have frozen his bank accounts and that he is unable to access his money. Stapp claimed that a “clerical error” is behind the IRS decision but that it will take “9-10 months” until he gets his money back.

At his worst, Stapp said that he was admitted to hospital after being unable to eat for two days. He also revealed he lived in the back of his truck for a number of weeks and was left without money for gas to travel.

Later on in the video, Stapp appeared to suggest that employees at Creed’s former record label are responsible for his situation and that he intended to fight them in court.

Stapp stated that he is currently sober, having previously admitted to alcohol and prescription drug addiction. However, Forbes reports that recent court papers from his divorce with ex-wife Jaclyn Stapp shows claims he is taking a number of drugs, including amphetamines, crystal meth and steroids.