David Bowie’s long-standing pianist recalls his final live performance

Mike Garson accompanied Bowie at his last concert in 2006.

David Bowie’s longest-serving session musician has revealed details of the late musician’s final performance.

Mike Garson, who played on 19 of Bowie’s albums, performed together with the star at his last live gig, a private Aids benefit held in New York in 2006.

The charity event was Bowie’s first performance since suffering a heart attack during a show in Germany in 2004. According to Garson, the star was “a little gunshy” about returning to the stage. “But it was an amazing show, just piano and voice. David and Alicia singing Changes was just magical. It was the first performance since his recuperation, and he actually said that if he hadn’t done that, then maybe he’d have never sung again,” wrote Garson in the Guardian.

In his recollections of his time with the star, Garson also claimed that Bowie believed he would die at the age of “69 or 70”. The late singer reportedly admitted to Garson that he had once consulted with a psychic who predicted his death.

“When we were on the tour bus in 1996 or 1997, David said, ‘Somewhere in the late 70s I met this psychic, who told me I was gonna die around the age of 69 or 70,’ and he said this with total certainty. It didn’t sound like the ramblings of one of these crazy people: it was something which he absolutely didn’t doubt at all. I never told anyone about it, but it never left my mind,” wrote Garson.

The New York pianist did not play on Bowie’s final album, ‘Blackstar’, which was released on January 8. Producer Tony Visconti has confirmed that Bowie was planning to record and release another album before he passed away on Sunday (January 10).

Reports have suggested that Bowie died at the age of 69 after a prolonged battle with liver cancer having previously survived six heart attacks.

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