Dizzee Rascal hints that he will play ‘Boy In Da Corner’ gig in London

MC will play album in full in New York this weekend

Dizzee Rascal has dropped his strongest hint yet that he will perform debut album ‘Boy In Da Corner’ in full in the UK.

This weekend will see the grime MC play his 2003 album in full in New York as part of the RBMA Festival. It’s the first time the album has been played in full, with some tracks on the album having never been played live before.

Speaking to Pigeons & Planes, Rascal said that he was not rejecting his hometown London with the New York gig, merely accepting an invite from the organiser, and that he is “definitely” up for playing the gig in London.


“It wouldn’t feel right just doing a show in New York and not doing it in London,” he said. “It wasn’t personal, I didn’t decide I only wanted to do a show in America! But because of what Red Bull’s been doing over the past year or so, it felt right. Red Bull Culture Clash excited me. Seeing Boy Better Know and everybody up there clashing everyone, that shit excited me. People did try to invite me onto that and wanted me to jump up on their soundsystem, but I just watched it from the sidelines and thought it was a really good thing. I saw what it did for the culture—it was amazing.”

He continued: “To do this show in New York and not do it at home, I understand that wouldn’t be right. I will definitely be up for doing it at home. That is where it came from and it would mean a lot for me to do it in London. I haven’t performed for so long in New York, though, it’s going to be nice. And I performed ‘Boy In Da Corner’ in New York when it originally came out, so like I said, it’s going full cycle.”

See the full line-up here.