DMX pleads guilty to mulitple charges

The rapper now faces jail time

DMX faces a minimum 90 day jail term after pleading guilty to multiple charges against him yesterday (January 30).

The US rapper entered guilty pleas for drug possession, theft and animal cruelty charges in a deal to settle three cases.

The 38-year-old, real name Earl Simmons, also agreed not to own any animals or possess any firearms, according to the BBC.


Simmons was arrested in May following a raid on his home the previous summer, where police found dog carcasses and malnourished pit bulls, as well as marijuana.

In April he was charged with assuming someone’s identity and providing false information during a trip to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Warrants for his arrest were issued after he missed several court appearances over the course of this year.

He will now return to custody ahead of sentencing in Arizona on January 3, and will not receive credit for time already served. If he breaks his probation following the jail term, he could then face over ten years in jail.

DMX was due to release two new albums, ‘Walk With Me Now’ and ‘You’ll Fly With Me Later’ on the same day, in early 2009.

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