Two people critically ill in hospital after fight erupts backstage during the hiphop superstars Boston show...

Six people were stabbed, leaving two critically ill in hospital, after violence erupted backstage during a DMX show in Boston, US, last night.

Initial reports in the ‘Boston Globe’ newspaper claim fighting broke out backstage at the Boston Fleet Centre between members of the groups on the tour at approximately 10pm yesterday (April 3). In the chaos that followed, six people were stabbed, one of them in the head.

The victims were taken to local hospitals following the incident, but no audience members are said to have been hurt.

Local police have made one arrest, but have not yet named the suspect. Following the stabbings, police sealed off the backstage area, and kept the 4,500 rap fans who had been waiting up to an hour and a half in the arena. A comedian then entertained the crowd for the remainder of the show.

DMX, one of the US’s biggest hip hop stars, was headlining as part of the ‘Ruff Ryders/Cash Money’ tour which also features Eve, Lil Wayne, The Lox and Made Men.