The rapper claims he's been set up by the 'victim' of the accident...

DMX has denied he was responsible for a ‘hit and run’ car accident in New York last week, and is claiming he was set up by the ‘victim’ who is simply trying to make money off his name.

The Ruff Ryders rapper, real name Earl Simmons, was accused by Aisha Smith of crashing into her car in Manhattan, becoming abusive and then fleeing the scene. However, he claims Smith hit him and when he got out to see that everyone was unhurt she said: “You are DMX. You have money. I don’t have any money.”

DMX offered to pay the full cost of repair to Smith‘s car, not because, his publicist told MTV, he was guilty but because he has “a kind and giving heart.”


The star himself issued a statement maintaining he was “totally innocent”, adding, “an important and fundamental premise of the American judicial system is the presumption of innocence – that is, until proven guilty”.

It is not the first time this year DMX has been in legal difficulties.

In March he was arrested for driving without a licence and for marijuana possession. Sentenced last month to 15 days in prison, he was released on bail pending appeal. And last year, police raided the star’s home and found a stash of weapons as well as a cage filled with pit bull terriers.

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