The Mancunian outfits team up to pay tribute to an old pal...

Doves were joined by [url=]NEW ORDER legend BERNARD SUMNER onstage last night (May 23).

Doves did a 45-minute acoustic set at the Manchester Ritz last night at a tribute concert marking the fifth anniversary of the death of Manchester music legend Rob Gretton.

A fan at the show told NME.COM: “About halfway though Doves‘ set Barney came on stage to play an acoustic version of ’Bizarre Love Triangle’. It was a touching moment.”

Elsewhere in the set the group played new song ’Almost Forgot Myself’, as well as the older material.

A spokesperson for the event explained Gretton’s influence on the Manchester music scene. She told the Manchester Evening News: “Rob was a man who changed and shaped the Manchester music scene to such an extent that the past is now legend and the present still an ongoing part of the legacy.

“He is best remembered in a professional capacity as the manager of [a][/a] and [url=]New Order, and a directing force behind Factory Recordsand, later, Rob’s Records.

“He was a shy character but wouldn’t back down and represents a side of the Mancunian spirit that will always be with us in the city.”