See the band that brought Radiohead, Chemical Brothers, All Saints and The Sex Pistols members out in force...

DOVES exclusive video interview with nme.com and VirtueTV is now online.

Brothers Jez (guitars) and Andy (drums) Williams talk at length to nme.com about the struggle to release their critically acclaimed debut album, about the studio fire that destroyed several years worth of work and made they re-evaluate everything, about working with Badly Drawn Boy and New Order‘s Bernard Sumner and about what they hope for the future of Doves.

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They also talk through each of the tracks on ‘Lost Souls’ one by one, documenting the genesis and mutations of each.

And to coincide with Monday’s (April 3) launch of ‘Lost Souls’ through Heavenly Recordings, nme.com and VirtueTV will broadcast an exclusive webcast of their already legendary March 29 show from London’s Scala.

Beginning at 8pm (BST), you can see just what is was that dragged members of The Chemical Brother’s, Radiohead, All Saints and The Sex Pistols into the centre of London on a damp Wednesday night.

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