Elton John performs free Aids awareness gig in Ukraine

Singer plays the country's biggest ever gig

Elton John has performed a free open air concert in Ukraine to promote HIV-Aids awareness.

The star played in front of an audience of 200,000 people in the main square of the capital Kiev for the country’s biggest ever show on live TV.

The event had earlier stirred up controversy among religious groups who urged Ukranians to boycott the event branding it “blasphemous”. They also accused the singer of trying to promote a gay lifestyle.

President Viktor Yushchenko also attended the gig which saw free condoms handed out along with leaflets on HIV testing and counselling centres at the start.

During the show, the singer told the crowd that he would do all he could to help Ukraine in its battle against the disease.

According to the country’s Anti-Aids Foundation, Ukraine has one of the highest HIV infection rates in Europe with a new case every 10 minutes, reports BBC News.