His address to the US Senate yesterday (April 11) was well-received, with senior politicians admitting to being "admirers for many years"...

Elton John addressed the US Senate yesterday (April 11) calling for more resources to be pumped into the worldwide fight against AIDS.

Following the lead set by Bono last month – when the U2 frontman met President Bush calling on him to pledge more help – Elton John was invited to Capitol Hill by veteran Democrat Ted Kennedy, chairman of the Senate Committee on health.

A spokesman for Kennedy said the senator wanted to “raise visibility and awareness of this issue” while lawmakers are deliberating. Elton John said he had no problem using his celebrity as a tool to kick up awareness of the campaign.

Dressed conservatively in a navy Versace suit with matching shoes, Elton John told the gathered politicians they had an obligation to work towards eradicating the AIDS epidemic.

“No nation, corporation, foundation or individual has the money you have. No one even comes close,” he said. “I am no student of government, but I understand there are two ends to Pennsylvania Avenue, and this end controls the money.”

His arrival stoked up as much excitement amongst the gathered politicians as that found in fans.

“I’ve been an admirer for years,” said Republican Senator Orrin G. Hatch while Democrat Patrick J. Leahy, told Elton John he was “absolutely fantastic” at a private concert during the recent World Economic Forum in New York. Mr. Leahy then asked the singer to sign a box-set of his albums that he brought along.

At the end of the hearing, Elton John was hugged warmly by a number of the Senators, including former First Lady Hillary Clinton, now Senator for New York.