The judgement leaves the star with a multi-million cost, settlement to meet...

SIR ELTON JOHN has lost his multi-million-pound High Court action over tour costs he claims he should not have paid.

Justice Andrew Ferris threw out his £14 million claim at London’s High Court today (April 11), leaving the star with costs estimated at £8 million.

In his mammoth 138-page judgement, which came in the wake of a 43-day hearing that had ended on February 1, Mr Justice Ferris ruled that City accountants PriceWaterhouseCoopers were not guilty of negligence in the way they handled superstar’s defence.

Sir Elton had sued Andrew Haydon, the former managing director of his management company, and PricewaterhouseCoopers, which looked after his business interests.

The singer alleged Mr Haydon, 45, was negligent in allowing his management company John Reid Enterprises (JREL) to charge him overseas tour expenses, including booking agents, accountants and producers.

He had claimed millions of pounds were paid out in touring expenses when in fact, under a management agreement, they should have been borne by John Reid Enterprises. He had accused Reid, who is also his former lover, of “betraying” him.

Sir Elton has already £3.4 million from Reid in settlement of his claims against him.

Though not in court – he is on tour in the US – Sir Elton this afternoon delivered a statement expressing his disappointment and suggesting he was prepared to lodge an appeal.

“I only heard about the judgement a few hours ago and still don’t know the full details,” he said. “Obviously I am disappointed and I am considering with my lawyers the question of appeal, which seems likely.

He went on: “As everyone in business knows, it is notoriously difficult to succeed in a claim for negligence against professional advisers. I am looking forward to fulfilling my continuing recording and touring commitments.”