The band are reportedly considering holding a series of secret, old style rave-type shows...

EMBRACE‘s management have been keen to play down reports that the band are to hold a series of secret, old style illegal rave-type shows during the summer.

Frontman Danny McNamara revealed the plan, telling MTV: “We are planning on some really strange and illegal locations, which we are going to announce on the band’s official website [url=]www.embrace.co.uk. You phone a mobile phone and you find out where it is and turn up the next day, in a rave kind of way”, the band’s management have been more muted in their response.

A spokesperson for Embrace told nme.com:”It’s an idea the band have had but nothing is confirmed at present. Its something they’re really still just kicking around. It could go one way or the other.”

Embrace take to the main stage at Glastonbury this coming Sunday (June 25).

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