New Eminem and Dr Dre song leaks online

Listen to 'Number One' online now

A new song by Eminem and Dr Dre has leaked onto the internet.

‘Number One’, which features Eminem rapping, is rumoured to have been produced by Dr Dre, although Dre‘s vocals do not feature on this version of the song.

You can listen to ‘Number One’ below.

The song was included in a mixtape by DJs Big Mike and Neptune called ‘4th Quarter Pressure, Part 2’.

After introducing himself as Slim Shady, Eminem raps the following chorus: “So crack a bottle / Let your body waddle / Don’t act just like a sloppy model / You just hit the lotto“.

‘Number One’ is rumoured to be set for inclusion on Dr Dre‘s forthcoming album ‘Detox’, rather than Eminem’s comeback album ‘Relapse’ which, as NME.COM previously reported, is scheduled to be released in 2009.